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Kyusho-Jitsu can be roughly translated as "one-second fighting", or "vital point science". It is the art of attacking pressure points of the human body, which is a tool that most martial arts have lost through the years. Through our affiliation with Dillman Karate International, the world's foremost authority on Kyusho-Jitsu, we are proud to share this rare art with our students.

With merely the strength of an eight year-old child, the correct application of pressure points can effectively subdue an opponent without harm. In some cases, these applications can even incapacitate an attacker up to the point of unconsciousness, leaving them obviously unable to continue their attack, and allowing you time to escape.

In our Adult Karate program, we share the secrets of this art, helping you to understand how easy self-defense can really be. It is up to the student how deep he or she gets into the theory and science of Kyusho. The possibilities are literally endless!